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For more information on the Skills for Life Program Contact

Melissa Hutchins, Skills for Life Program Coordinator

The Skills for Life, Adult Day Program was created to provide meaningful, daytime opportunities for our adult participants. The program engages participants in a variety of educational, physical, recreational, creative and community activities in a positive and safe environment. The program is divided into the following goal areas:



During the art portion of the program, participants produce beautiful and functional items (e.g., cards, dryer balls, ornaments) from start to finish. In addition, participants complete activities related to packaging, tracking inventory, and product delivery to local retailers. In addition, our group participants in various craft markets throughout the year.


Sports & Fitness

The Sports & Fitness portion provides the opportunity for participants to explore various physical activities with individualized, adapted instruction and support to optimize comprehension, independence, and success.



Participants learn about the importance of following Canada Food Guidelines. Together, they complete various skill-building activities in the kitchen including food safety practices, food preparation, and safe oven and kitchen utensil usage. Participants have fun enjoying recipes they have prepared together!


Music & Dramatic Arts

The music portion provides a positive social environment for self-expression, awareness of others, memory establishment and recall, exploration of rhythm and tempo as new songs are learned, and participants try various instruments together. The dramatic arts portion prompts participants to develop skills in creative expression including listening, concentration, memory, and communicating feelings.


Work Readiness

Our staff team work alongside the participants and provide an individualized approach to teaching the following transferrable workplace skills: customer service, food safety, cleaning/disinfecting, teamwork, WHIMIS, product sales, and work preparedness. Participants learn through practical experience, role playing and questions/answer activities.

Spring Session

Monday: April 8-June 17, Scout Hall, Port Perry -$660.00

No program Monday, May 20 (stat holidays)

Tuesday: April 2-June 18, Uxbridge Baptist Church - $780.00

Thursday: April 4-June 20, Uxbridge Baptist Church - $780.00

Time: 9:00am-3:00pm (6 hours)

The is no Skills for Life Programming during July and August!

We look forward to seeing everyone on September 3, 2024!

We are thankful for the generosity of the following donors:

The Jeremiah F. Coughlan Foundation

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