For new builders and those with lots of years in the field! An after-school program designed to support participants in friendship-building skills and cooperative play on a weekly basis. Employing the strategies of Engineer, Supplier and Builder, participants work on LEGO models as a team. They will learn some Lego Trivia, play games and have the opportunity for 'Free Build' so they can create their own LEGO creations that they can share with the group!

A healthy after school snack will be provided.

No LEGO Friendship Spring 2022; see below for LEGO Robotics!

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The next generation of our LEGO Friendship Club, this program is a structured social opportunity for children and youth. This program is designed to support social skills, cooperative play, and friendship building skills. Participants partner together for a 'challenge'. Utilizing a Samsung tablet preloaded with WeDo.2.0, participants design an innovative solution to the 'challenge' and collaborate to build a working LEGO robotics model.

Sessions:     Thursday, March 3 - April 14

Ages:     6 yrs. +

Tuesday Session:     4:30pm to 5:45pm 

Location:     Trinity United Church - 20 1st Ave. Uxbridge ON

Cost:     $75 (6 weeks)

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