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Precious Minds Mission Statement

Since 1999, Precious Minds has been supporting children, youth, and adults with developmental challenges in North Durham to meet their highest potential. We offer programs designed to engage, inspire, and develop skills for life. we provide individualized levels of support to ensure that each participant has the best experience possible. We also provide support for the entire family including educational resources, respite, and family events.

Precious Minds Goals 

1.  To engage and inspire program participants to reach their highest potential in a safe and supportive environment.

2. To provide programming not available elsewhere in North Durham. Our programs take into account individual challenges, and programming is adapted appropriately.

3. To give families the peace of mind knowing their children are spending time engaged with knowledgeable and dedicated staff.

4. To keep program fees low so that finances are never a barrier to participation.

5. To support the entire family with educational resource, respite, sibling support, and family events.

6. To provide meaningful volunteers opportunities for members of the community.

7. To provide employment opportunities for college/university students and youth allowing for them to obtain direct, relevant experience for the future leaders in the field of developmental disabilities.

8. To provide the opportunity for local business' and community organizations to become involved in our programs, community and fundraising events.

9. To promote community inclusion, enhanced community engagement, mutual respect and understanding.

Community Inclusion is a big part of what we do and the programs we have offered directly in the communities that we serve have been incredibly successful, with many positive outcomes. With this in mind, we made the decision in September 2017 to sell the Learning & Resource Centre. This decision was not made lightly and was based on a number of factors resulting from feedback and consultation with Precious Minds' Families, Staff, and Board of Directors. We are truly grateful to all those individuals and organizations who made the Centre such a welcoming place of fun, learning, and inclusion. We are excited about this new chapter in the history of Precious Minds and the opportunity to offer meaningful programming in North Durham communities. 

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